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Trauma and YOU...

Living through abuse, violence, addiction, or other trauma, the voice you hear inside your head is probably not your own.  You may have adopted the voice of those who have hurt, molested, abused, demeaned, raped, humiliated, or [fill in the blank] you. 

You know the voice...

  • 'I've done so much work, peeled away so many layers of this damn onion, when will it ever end?'

  • 'I'm not (pretty, strong, smart, athletic, lovable, ...) enough.'

  • 'I'm such a victim, an addict, fat, an alcoholic, stupid, a klutz, afraid...' 

  • 'What about me?'

  • 'This is the way it's always been.  I'll never change.' 

  • 'Why bother?'

This voice, the voice of the 'itty, bitty, shitty committee' who talks down to you, is so loud that you cannot hear that still, small voice inside.  The voice that knows courage, fearlessness, truth, honesty, kindness, compassion, and even joy.

I know the magic that happens when we dive deep into our sub-conscious mind and rewrite the stories we tell ourselves.  Our sub-conscious mind pays attention to what we tell ourselves, both out loud and silently. The thoughts, beliefs, emotions, events, and self-concepts we give our attention to, and therefore, our power to, create our reality.

I can tell you that this work is not for everyone...


  • have the courage to face the past, the nightmares, the trauma

  • have the honesty to radically change what you give your attention to

  • are ready to dig deep

  • to look into the dark to find the light

  • are willing to imagine your life differently, and

  • are able to rewrite your story,

Then this work is for YOU!

Change your story, change your life!

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