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HYPNOtherapy can help!

Emotional Clearing for Childhood Trauma

Want to relive your childhood?

Maybe not in the same way you experienced the first time...

What if you could relive your childhood in a new way where your

  • wounded places within are identified and healed?

  • unmet needs are heard and responded to?

  • denied feelings are honored and allowed expression?

  • repressed inner magical child, the part of you that is spontaneous, playful, and full of wonder, is restored to wholeness?


Getting to the core of addiction

According to Dr. Gabor Maté, addiction is "a complex process that involves brain, body, emotions, psychology and social relationships. The expression of addiction is any behavior where a person craves and finds temporary pleasure or relief in something, but suffers negative consequences as a result of and is unable to give up despite those negative consequences.

"Addiction could be substance-related — alcohol, cigarettes, heroin or cocaine — but it could also be sex, gambling, eating, shopping, work, extreme sports, relationships, the Internet. It could be anything. So it’s not so much the activity per se but the question of, does it provide temporary relief or pleasure? Does it create craving when you don’t have it? Does it create negative consequences, and is it difficult to give up despite those consequences? If those are the case, it’s an addiction."

If you are shaking your head up and down, saying yes to these questions, hypnotherapy can help you get to the core of your addiction, change the behavior, and find pleasure in life again.


Identify, purify, align, and unify your inner voices.

Conference Room is based on sub-personality or "parts" work. 
We all have an aspect of ourselves, a sub-personality if you will, that is a judge, warrior, king or queen, romantic, skeptic, adventurer, artist, prince or princess, inner child, rescuer, victim, persecutor, and higher self. In their purest sense, each of these archetypes have a set of positive qualities that inform and guide us.

Unfortunately, through the experience of hurt, trauma, abuse, or neglect, these sub-personalities become contaminated and programmed with faulty beliefs, attitudes and feelings. 

Conference Room is the process of teasing out each specific voice so the sub-personality can be heard and decontaminated as necessary.  This work also encourages cooperation and establishes alliances between the different aspects, which quiets the internal war and allows us to feel happy, healthy, hopeful, harmonious and in good humor.


What happens in life writes a story in our flesh.

Somatic Healing

  • facilitates self-healing using hypnosis, imagery, and Alchemical Process.

  • activates the healing powers of the subconscious mind and the body.

  • empowers functional adults to change behaviors and habits

  • helps clients explore the meaning behind or underlying causes of the dysfunction, illness or disease



Please note, that as a hypnotherapist, I do not offer treatment, cure, prescription, or diagnosis except through a doctor's referral. Nor do I offer treatment of mental or emotion disorders without an appropriate referral from a licensed professional. Hypnosis is a complimentary therapy to traditional medicine or health care.


How do your past lives influence your life now?

  • Discover your Soul's Destiny in this life.

  • Retrieve creativity, talents, skills & abilities.

  • Clear past life trauma

  • Change karma by clearing overt acts

  • Renegotiate past life contracts with significant others

  • Understand the pre-conception contract made with the Higher Self in order to change your life pattern or purpose

  • Meet your future self!


What steals your life force energy?

Anxiety, panic attacks, phobias, and post-traumatic stress disorder deplete our life force energy through the necessity of maintaining hyper-viligence, keeping the fears at bay, and ensuring we are safe.  But this attitude and approach also holds life at arm's length. 

With Hypnotherapy, you can experience the anxiety, fear, or traumatic event in a safe environment at your own pace and timing.  Hypnotherapy provides an environment where you are in control, which allows you the opportunity to  access your inner resources to embody the courage to face the fears. 


Be the best YOU!

Have you hit a plateau with your performance? 
Do you have a desire to go beyond what you have accomplished thus far?

Accessing your subconscious mind via hypnotherapy can help you...

  • unlock the pattern or behavior that maintains the plateau.

  • uncover the block or resistance that keeps you where you are.

  • communicate and understand the inner saboteur that may be at play.

  • establish new self-concepts that propel you forward.

  • and envision yourself excel at a new level.

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