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I am a Hypnotherapist, artist, writer, and guide.

I have also been, at one time or another, an architect, sustainability champion, college professor, massage therapist, and even a futon maker.

Many people ask me how architecture, sustainability, massage, and hypnotherapy all fit together... They are not so different, really. Structure/bones, systems/musculature, facade/skin.  I love learning and figuring out how things work or go together. This is true for architecture, our bodies, and, definitely, true about our psyche. I love the stories and metaphors we employ to design our lives in all of its aspects.  The question, for me, is always how do all the parts and pieces fit together to work efficiently, sustainably, and are beautiful?

Change your story, change your life!

My passion for hypnotherapy...

Ever since I can remember, I have always been a strong dreamer - full of detail, technicolor, and complex story line!  When I was training to be a hypnotherapist, I kept having this re-occurring dream where I walked up this grassy hill to a white farm house to visit MY MONSTER.  The monster was kept in the basement behind a paddock door.  It growled, hissed, pounded on the door, and was incredibly scary.  Some nights, in the dream, I only made it to the front porch.  One night I made it all the way down to the paddock door, heard the intense growling, and ran as quickly as I could up the back stairs.  This went on for what seemed like weeks.  One day in class, I volunteered to be the 'client' and asked if we could work with this dream. 

In my session, after I was put in trance, I walked up to the house, went inside, down the stairs to the basement, and stood in front of the door.  Behind the door were screams and banging.  The instructor asked, "Are you ready to open the door?" 

IP-my monster_jailed.jpg

"Yes."  I hesitantly opened the door, expecting to be mauled. 


MY MONSTER turned out to be me at 4 years old. 


She looked at me and said, "It's about time!" and pirouetted out the door in a pink tutu. 

Over 25 years later, I still have a visceral feeling of opening the door and watching her dance her freedom.

IP-my monster-dancing_1280.jpg

Growing up, it was not safe in my house to express anger.  So, I masterfully locked this part of me up so I could be the "good" girl.  And my so-called monster accepted the anger and rage so I could be safe.  The dream came at a time when I knew I was safe and it was time to set her free.  As a result, my life continues to change through my ability to feel and express my emotions, especially anger and rage!

Change the story, change your life!

My passion for "sub-personality" or "parts" work...


Living through abuse, violence, addiction, or other trauma, the voice you hear inside your head is probably not your own.  You may have adopted the voice of those who have hurt, molested, abused, demeaned, raped, humiliated, or [fill in the blank] you. 

You know the voice...

  • 'I've done so much work, peeled away so many layers of this damn onion, when will it ever end?'

  • 'I'm not (pretty, strong, smart, athletic, lovable, ...) enough.'

  • 'I'm such a victim, an addict, fat, an alcoholic, stupid, a klutz, afraid...' 

  • 'What about me?'

  • 'This is the way it's always been.  I'll never change.' 

  • 'Why bother?'

This voice, the voice of the 'itty, bitty, shitty committee' who talks down to you, is so loud that you cannot hear that still, small voice inside.  The voice that knows courage, fearlessness, truth, honesty, kindness, compassion, and even joy.

I know the magic that happens when we dive deep into our sub-conscious mind and rewrite the stories we tell ourselves.  Our sub-conscious mind pays attention to what we tell ourselves, both out loud and silently. The thoughts, beliefs, emotions, events, and self-concepts we give our attention to, and therefore, our power to, create our reality.

I can tell you that this work is not for everyone...


  • have the courage to face the past, the nightmares, the trauma

  • have the honesty to radically change what you give your attention to

  • are ready to dig deep

  • to look into the dark to find the light

  • are willing to imagine your life differently, and

  • are able to rewrite your story,

Then this work is for YOU!

Change your story, change your life!

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