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Erin G.

one of the most gifted hypnotherapists...

Aleks is is one of the most incredibly gifted hypnotherapists I have ever encountered.  She holds a presence in the space that allows you to reach places of healing that you can't believe are possible.  She will guide you to help you reach your own conclusion, yet asks the most profound and helpful questions to get you there. 


I cannot recommend Aleks enough as a hypnotherapist.  I will be forever grateful for the healing she helped me attain through our sessions.

Heather D.

There are not words deep enough...

There are not words deep enough to express my gratitude for Aleks and her alchemical hypnotherapy work.  Throughout my life I have struggled with depression and anxiety.  I have worked with a number of talented analysts and therapists who each helped me a great deal.  Even so, there were still layers of trauma in need of healing and affecting my life and relationships that stayed untouched until I began working with Aleks.  Alchemical hypnotherapy has given me tools to create a safe space anchored in my body.  And from that safe space, through our work I can access the traumatic memories, from this life and others, unwind the feelings, and begin the healing process. 


Aleks is a solid guide in intense emotional territory.  She is patient and very present no matter what is happening.  She asks good insightful questions to help me go deep into my own knowing to find the triggers and the tools that will bring healing.  She is very well versed in symbols and energy and has helped me to better understand my soul’s own symbolic language.  After our first session, I felt a calm and a sense of body relaxation deeper than I had ever felt before.   And now, even after the intense emotions a session can bring, I continue to find my way back to that calm safe place.  I feel hope and trust that through our work together I will be able to heal the deepest wounds and that is a gift beyond words.  I cannot recommend her highly enough!

Jessica Z.

Aleks met me with true compassion and clarity.

I experienced shock and trauma with the birth of my son. Let's just say things didn't go as I had hoped and I felt really dropped by my care team. I felt alone, confused, and separated from myself and was having a lot of difficulty accessing my tools to cope.


After just one skype hypnotherapy session with Aleks, my nervous system was calmer and I had greater clarity on what it was I was feeling. There wasn't time to feel the feelings in the moment, and her spacious guidance allowed me to see the truth in what happened, feel the feelings in a safe space, and move forward.


Aleks met me with true compassion and clarity. I felt absolutely no projection or agenda from her. Just the space to do the work I needed to do.


If you are wondering why some thing in your life just won't click or there's so many emotions rushing around you can't tell what's what or you just plain want to better understand and BE your Self, get a session with Aleks now!! It will be one of the best choices you make!

Christine E.

Aleks changed my life...

The guidance and help I received from my sessions with Aleks changed my life! She is truly talented in many ways. I was not the easiest client and I struggled with self-doubt and was failing to have “experiences” during my hypnotic trance state. She was able to get me past my resistance and I started to have some of the most memorable journeys in my inner world with her. Her intuitions, insights and experience helped guide me to the healing that I needed. She is always supportive and encouraging and always gives 100% in each session. She is an amazing soul and I feel absolute trust in her to always produce amazing healing sessions. Since I discovered alchemical hypnosis, I am able to continue my healing with the resources I have gained in my inner world. Aleks is able to guide her clients to a get in touch with their inner wisdom and higher guidance so that they can move forward in life feeling more aligned with their higher purpose. I highly recommend Aleks and her services, she has a heart of gold.💕💕

Aleks is a skilled and intuitive

guide for inner work. I initially had

fear around being hypnotized and Aleks brought a sense of warmth and humor to the process that made me feel safe and comfortable. Aleks is great and I am so grateful for the sessions I’ve had with her!

April B.

skilled & intuitive guide...

Mark F.

astute & perceptive alchemist...

Aleks is an astute and perceptive alchemist. I am struck by her intelligent observations. Her professional demeanor makes her highly effective as a therapist.

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